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"Terrie Frankel is one of the most underrated songwriters in the US and I have loved her work for many years....."
Helen Reddy
Singer, Composer, Feminist Icon, "I Am Woman"

"Great to once again see performances of the Dorothy Parker musical done by Terrie Frankel."
"True test of a work to be of lasting value are the songs, which despite the intervening years are still familiar, "hummable," and move the action of the show. Terrie achieved all of it. My favorites are "Room Enough For Two" and "For A Song And A Dance." "This musical is long overdue, yet still timely."
Sam Trust
Previously Lorimar Music
Long time CEO, ATV/Northern Songs

"To me, Dorothy Parker is immediately a literary legend, oft quoted for her cutting observations and a starting point for the Algonquin Round Table denizen. Dorothy Parker was the star of Round Table group. Terrie & Jennie have collaborated on many writing and publishing adventures. I have always admired their talent and I look forward to their success in The Life of Dorothy Parker."

George Sunga
"Three's Company"

"Jennie Frankel was a true talent and one the most gifted lyric writers I ever had the opportunity to work along side of. When we wrote together I never found her short of good creative ideas... Jennie's untimely passing seriously robbed the songwriting community of one of it's greatest treasures. She is missed.
John Ford Coley "Night's are Forever"
(of England Dan and John Ford Coley)

In my fifteen years as Kenny Rogers' music director, I came across many songs that I thought might be right for him. Of all the songs I passed on to Kenny for his personal review, the only one that ever really made an impression on him was "Thank You For Loving Me," written by Jennie Frankel... It was a beautiful ballad, and a well-crafted tune - like so many others written by Jennie.
Edgar Struble
Composer / Music Director for Kenny Roger


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The Parker Play Overview
This play was created both as a tribute to Dorothy Parker, who I feel was one of the greatest female humorist of the 20th century, and as a vehicle to show case my lifelong love to make people smile, laugh, and to write inspiring music.

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