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Dorothy Parker's Room Enough for Two

Dorothy Parker's story is more timely now than ever. During the economic turmoil we are experiencing today, Dorothy Parker represents someone who went through the same challenges in the 20's and 30's, with wit, satire and dignity. Dorothy gives a unique women's perspective during those trying times in which it was rare for a woman to be in the political literary field. This is the story of a woman who was able to break out of the chains of the culture of her time.

Dorothy counted as her friends, many of the top literary figures of the 20th Century, including Ernest Hemingway, Lillian Hellman and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Terrie's work captures the important truth of American literature with music, humor and pathos. In particular, the song, "I Blew It All" will resonate with much of the audience.

In the end, Dorothy Parker was unfairly judged by an era wrapped up by the Hollywood witch hunt of McCarthy-ism, fueled by fanatical fear of the Russian menace that led to the end of Dorothy's career as a writer.

It is for these reasons that I signed on to do this very important and well written project. After reading the script once, I knew I had to direct it....

Charles Tetoni
Dorothy Parker's Room Enough For Two

Gallery  "Room Enough" The pictures below are from the actual feature film Room Enough for Two.

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This play was created both as a tribute to Dorothy Parker, who I feel was one of the greatest female humorist of the 20th century, and as a vehicle to show case my lifelong love to make people smile, laugh, and to write inspiring music.

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