Terrie Invites You Into Dorothy's World

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Terrie Frankel Presents Dorothy Parker's Room Enough For Two - Movie in it's entirety!


How much social satire did F.Scott Fitzgerald learn from Dorothy Parker for The Great Gatsby?


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Dorothy Parker's Legacy Comes Alive


Dorothy Parker is best known for co-founding the Algonquin Round Table in New York City. Her friends included such literary legends as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Robert Benchley. Once the highest paid female screenwriter in history, nominated for an Academy Award in Hollywood, this world renowned, heralded humorist and social advocate found herself caught up in the Hollywood Blacklist Commie scare of the late 1950’s.

With Dorothy Parker's screenwriting career behind her, she returned to her roots in New York City with her best friend and playwright, Lillian Hellman, to face a life of struggle and financial hardship. In this show, Dorothy Parker fearlessly exposes the fascinating ‘plot points’ of her unfinished auto-biography Dorothy Parker, through music, humor and the ‘unexpected’ - ultimately charming the audience into helping her write the ‘surprise’ ending to her life.

This one woman show, with music written by New York Times best selling authors Jennie and Terrie Frankel (Doublemint Twin fame), is a tour de force – revealing Dorothy Parker as she has never been seen before.


Terrie Frankel

Author and Composer of Dorothy Parker's Room Enough For Two


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This play was created both as a tribute to Dorothy Parker, who I feel was one of the greatest female humorist of the 20th century, and as a vehicle to show case my lifelong love to entertain and write inspiring music.

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